Cheque us Out – TTP Win Grocery Accelerator Investment
Grocery Accelerator win
Cheque us Out – TTP Win Grocery Accelerator Investment

We recently entered into a Dragon’s Den style investment competition, ran by the Grocery Accelerator; whereby we had to pitch to a room full of industry experts and FMCG investors for £60,000 in return for a slice of our business.

There were over 300 applicants with just 6 winners chosen.

Being the first time either of us had done something like this it was quite a nerve-racking experience. To make matters even more tense, it wasn’t just the one pitch we had to do, we then had to follow up with another pitch on stage at the Speciality Fine Food Fair in Kensington Olympia…… Oh did I mention there were just a few thousand people around watching?!

Anyway, we patiently waited until Tuesday afternoon just before the show was finishing when they announced the winners. 12 businesses had been shortlisted but only 6 were going home with the cheque….first winner….Polar Pops……second winner….wait for it….. TAKING THE PEA!!! Woo hoo bloody hell we won! Alongside the fantastic people and promising food start ups; Polar Pops, Naturelly, Salt Rite, Jim Jams and Equinox Kombucha we’d won investment for 60,000 pounds!

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It took a while to sink in, but what an achievement if we do say so ourselves.

We’ve had some fantastic coverage since winning too; from The Grocery Accelerator, The Grocer, ESM Magazine, FoodBev Media.

I guess you could say now the real work starts but we couldn’t be more excited to see what the future brings for Taking The Pea. Please help spread the word and don’t forget to….


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