Activity Equivalent Labelling
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Activity Equivalent Labelling

When I first started thinking about the style of packaging I wanted for our peas and what images were to go on the pack I knew from day one that somewhere on the back of pack, most likely next to the nutritional information, I’d have a little pea character performing some kind of exercise, so that consumers could see what it would take to burn the calories they’ve just consumed. Lets face it, food packaging these days can be quite confusing, who the hell really knows what a calorie is and how much time they need to spend in the gym to work it off.

Interestingly enough last week I came across a paper from the Royal Society of Public Health calling for the introduction of ‘activity equivalent’ calorie labeling on food and drink, which show how much activity would be required to burn off the calories contained in a product. It doesn’t surprise me at all that the industry is heading in this direction. I knew my packetss would have something like this on there but I have found it strange how many other brands haven’t gone down this route yet. Even the brands in the health and fitness industry, guys come one, it’s a no brainer!

Taking the Pea

Needless to say two thirds of the public have backed this initiative, so suffice to say I’m sure over the coming months and years we will start to see more “activity equivalent” images on our food labelling.

You heard it here first 😉


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