Taking the Pea ready to launch in Feb 2015!

Hello and welcome to our brand spanking new website! Here, we hope to keep you up to date with our journey and exciting new developments on our way to launching our delicious savoury peas.

Shutterstock PeasOur peas are home-grown green marrowfats; that have been seasoned with vegetarian friendly ingredients and roasted to make them nice and crunchy.  Each one of our 4 delicious flavours (Sweet Chilli Salsa, Cheesy Peasy & Onion, Smoked Ham and Wacky Wasabi) has been carefully created with the nations favourite crisp flavours in mind.  Finally, they are sealed tight in our foil fresh packs, which have been conveniently served considering healthy snacking and portion control; each provides less than 145 calories per packet (not per serving as other savoury snacks misleadingly state). 

At Taking the Pea  our mission is to:
Give peas a chance
Be active, be healthy whilst ‘Taking the Pea’

We believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be inconvenient, pompous or taken so seriously.  Healthier versions of our much-loved savoury flavoured snacks should be available and easily accessible for everyone to enjoy.  With a cheeky sense of humour and unpretentious appeal we want people to experience tasty guilt free snacking with our home grown crunchy flavoured peas.

Marketing, selling and networking is full steam ahead and we are excited to announce that our peas will be available to buy here online and also at LOAF a trendy, independent cafe on Tottenham Court Rd in London.

LoafLOAF is a crossbreed of the New York style coffee shop and the classic British caff and we think they are the perfect place to be the first to sell Taking the Pea’s peas.  

Loaf cafe

In fact, we conducted much of our market research with LOAF customers and so they played a huge part in shaping our brand and products, and so we  are excited that they too are able to see and try the final products very soon.

So I guess all there is to say now is….. Watch this space!